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Singing Should Be Free
by: Amalia Triebenbach
If you've ever been hung up about singing in front of others it may not be your fault. It may be you are afraid. There's nothing wrong with being afraid. Fear can be a good thing. Nevertheless, hundreds of people are walking around with scars from peers and teachers, family and friends because they have been told to "Shut Up," or they couldn't sing. Such criticisms are generally false.
If you feel you would benefit from a fresh start and some encouragement, I would encourage you to examine my new CD
Amalia Triebenbach's Audiomanual for the Soprano Voice (Love is the Soul of Genius)
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Good luck, and happy free singing!
Musically yours,
Amy Triebenbach

About the author:
Amalia Triebenbach is a singing teacher and a soprano. She is an acclaimed vocalist with the music duo "Triebenbach and Zents," and also a prolific singer-songwriter and classical soloist. Amy has a number of hobbies such as being a part-time radio dj and is also a prolific author. Her books may be found at
Her home page is

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